Pros vs Joes All Star Game

In the Lax All Stars North American Invitational I was asked to play with the Pro’s All Star team! This would actually be my first All Star Game I’ve been asked to play in for Lacrosse. I guess my playing style doesn’t necessarily lend to ‘All Star Game style’, if you know what I mean. Either way it was an awesome experience and I had a ton of fun! Having the opportunity to play with other professional lacrosse players from field lacrosse or the NLL was pretty cool. I’ll always take another opportunity to get better and play this great game!

There’s not much game play that goes on in this ‘Thrilla Vision’ but there is some great commentary that I hope you enjoy. A lot of other pro’s seem to appreciate #ThrillaNation and I love it.

Hopefully from the ‘Thrilla Vision’ you got a sense of the lightheartedness nature of the All Star game. With a great introduction from my guy @MJBowes aka MJ Beast to the final interview with two former Buffalo Bandit teammates @ZacReid19 and @LiamPatten . Overall this All Star Game was a entertaining and fun addition to the growing #LASNAI tournament. Each year the tournament has grown, added entertainment and continued to impress me!

Also I hoped you enjoyed my foresight in allowing face off legend @TrevorBaptiste9 take the 3rd spot in the shoot out, he made me look real good. Thanks Trevor ;-).

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