Did you say UBER's Son? Goon Squad Game 3

Yes, the title is referring to the car service that took the world by storm years ago. Our captain of the Goon Squad, Andrew Suitor thought our bench could use a coach. Suits looked far and wide and finally settled on his UBER driver’s son, as the guy he needed. When Andrew Suitor walks in the locker room and says he’s got us a coach, the boys listened. Then he proceeded to tell us that his UBER driver’s son, was a big lacrosse fan and player and would be helping out. Honestly, we all laughed it off and thought he was kidding. Until a father and son duo knock on the door and Suits introduces the two. Our new coach, Micah was young, motivated and ready to go.

Check out the UHWK Thrilla Vision from Game 3 here:

In game 3 we were taking on Casey Powell World Lacrosse Team, any team put together by a legend like Casey Powell is going to be a solid match up. Suit’s was right in bringing in Micah as our head coach, as you can see from the UHWK he wanted the boys to score goals and play tight defense.

Also, special shout out to Goon Squad Teammate @RobKing_55 looking for those Instagram follows.

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