"Playing you again, eh?" 2018 President's Cup

In the 2018 President's Cup after round robin play, each team plays in a playoff game respective to their points (wins & losses) accumulated. We drew the Capital Region Axemen in our Playoff, this would be the second time we faced the Axemen in President's cup and knew it would be a good game.

Check out some of the UHWK highlight below:

Although we were out of contention to hoist the President's Cup, this was a big game for us on several levels. First, we wanted to represent Onondaga Red Hawks lacrosse, our community and families as best as possible. Second we wanted to finish as close to the top as we could. Lastly, winner of this game played at noon on sunday and the loser played at 9 am - so we also wanted to play for the sleep. In a tournament where you play 9 games over 7 days its important to find the little things to motivate you, as much as the big things.

Onondaga Red Hawks win 13-11, we would now be playing for 5th place in the Sr. B lacrosse circuit and be able to sleep in a bit.

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