"Laying it on the line" 2018 President's Cup

In the final game of 2018 President's Cup in Nanaimo, BC Onondaga Red Hawks will be taking on the Saskatoon Brewers for 5th place. This was the second time we would be taking on Saskatoon. As mentioned in the previous article from our last game against Saskatoon, this is a younger team with a majority of their experience coming from former Redhawk Cam Simpson.

Check out the Thrilla Vision from the game here:

This was a much different team than we faced in the first meeting at President's cup. The Brewers were still as hungry as before but the week of Lacrosse certainly paid off in terms of experience. The Brewers wanted this victory and through their effort and game play they were able to secure the win and 5th place at President's Cup. 

The Brewers win 9-8. Onondaga takes 6th place at the 2018 President's Cup.

Overall the experience at President's cup was amazing. Although we did not finish where we set out to, I was able to grow as a player and we were able to grow as a team. For many players on the team this was their first President's cup, a memory they won't soon forget. For others, like myself, it was another President's cup under our belt. My goal was to be an iron man, play every game, not take one shift off and continue to battle day in and out. I was able to accomplish my personal goal and am grateful for the experience that I've gained. 

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