"I'll Give you a freebie": Game 7 Presidents Cup 2018

In game 7 of the 2018 Presidents Cup we faced a very hungry Saskatoon Brewers team. The Brewers were looking for their first win of the tournament. Onondaga was beginning to feel the fatigue set in and this was an earlier game in the day.

Onondaga had a little extra motivation as we would be playing against long time Red Hawk, Cameron Simpson. Cam is a gritty, hardnosed righty who can score when his team needs, so we would pay extra attention on him. He was slated to play with the Red Hawks this year but things came up and plans changed, so he would be playing with the Brewers.

Check out the Thrilla Vision highlights here:

PS. If you're going to give me a freebie, I'm going to take it.

This game was a battle, going back and forth. Onondaga did not come out hot as the Brewers did so the lead changed hands a few times. Onondaga ended up winning the game and due to experience and finally heating up by the time the 3rd period rolled around.

Onondaga wins 9-7.

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