Punch to the head, equals spinal cross check: Goon Squad Game 2

The Goon Squad knew we would have a tough game against the 2017 Runner up Frog Pond Maulers. With short games, you want to get out on teams early and often. The Frog Pond Mauler team has played in several tournaments and leagues together, they have high caliber players and the experience to compete. Two players we drafted on Tuesday night into the NLL, we would have to bring our A game.

Check out the UHWK Thrilla Vision highlights below:

As you can see from the footage above the game got chippy. It was a physical game all the way through, Frog Pong got out to an early lead and Goon Squad was playing a little bit of catch up. These short games, two fifteen minute running halves, you do not want to have to play catch up. The chippy-ness of the game played into the advantage of Frog Pond, as every incident we watched as the time crept closer to zero.

I’ve posted a teaser of this video on my instagram (@Thrilla96) and some people were upset about Syracuse Alumini, NLL Draftee Brendan Bomberry and I getting into it. At one point late in the game I got him with a solid cross check, he punched me in the helmet and then I cross checked his spine. Bomber is a good dude, what you don’t realize unless you play this game is that experienced players play the game within the game. In my book that is how respect is earned. In my lacrosse journey that’s one thing I’ve learned, there’s what spectators see, what players see and then what individuals see. Everyone is contributing and playing the game, some are playing the game with in the game!

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