Bodies hit the floor: Game 6

Game 6 of the 2018 President's cup was against the back to back champion, St. Albert Miners. The Miners are a solid team with great systems that are consistent. The Onondaga Red Hawks were looking forward to putting a kink in their system and playing the champs. We were able to score the first goal and play them tough on defense.

See the UHWK footage below:

The system ended up prevailing, with the St Albert Miners beating the Onondaga Red Hawks 10-5. Those 10 goals were hard to come by and they earned everyone. The Miners would go on to win their 3rd President's cup in a row this year. The good ol' fashioned three peat.

The rest of our game footage will be distributed throughout the next couple of days, I'm hoping that you enjoy the UHWK footage and my personal recaps. If so, be sure to share this post, comment and click the heart ;-)