2018 President's Cup Day 4: Ladner Pioneers vs Onondaga Redhawks

Everyone in this tournament is 'dinged up', sore and feeling the accumulation of games. Here it becomes who can outlast the other and make the least amount of mistakes. I've played in 4 presidents cups and 3/4 I've played in every single game. The first president's cup I played in I was suspended 7 games on my first shift of the first game and didn't get a chance to play much. I pride myself in being battle tested and war ready, I believe it is a mindset. My training throughout the year prepares me physically, while my thoughts prepare me mentally.

Each day I wake up at President's cup I'm grateful for another opportunity to go to battle, I do not give fear, pain and negative emotion a chance to creep in. I play a physical style of lacrosse and use my body a great deal, as the tournament progresses I want to get more physical, stronger and into a rhythm when others begin to doubt and feel pain. 

On day 4, I wanted to ensure I played physical against a strong Ladner team. As you can see from the Thrilla Vision they were beginning to second guess crashing the middle or standing toe to toe. At one point a player said, 'Why don't you just lose with pride', after he was thrown to the ground for pulling on the Kong Woodie after walking away. Battling to the very last whistle is how I lose with pride, don't expect me to quit and roll over.

Full video here:

Ladner prevailed 8-4 against the Onondaga Red hawks.