2018 President's Cup Day 3: Double header!

I've played in 4 President's cup's to date and each tournament brings on its own challenges. Each share one common theme, its a lot of Box Lacrosse in a very short period of time. All said and done it will be 8 games in 7 days. Mental fortitude and physical toughness is key to performing at a high level throughout the entire President's cup. Day 3 for us, was our double header day.

Early bird gets the worm. Our first game on day 3 was against the Capital Region Axe men a solid team from the Ottawa region. Due to our game play and record this was a huge game to for one of us to solidify the fourth and final playoff spot. Although it was an early morning both teams came to play! In the final seconds we were down by one goal, on a hail mary attempt Josh Becker ended up scoring a huge game tying goal. This game ended in sudden death overtime with a huge shot from work horse Chris Laurita.

See the full Thrilla Vision here:

Coming off a huge win we had some momentum going into our second game of the day. In between games, friend and teammate Dan Rodgers was able to string up my big brother, Kong's Jack Johnson Woodie for me to bust out later in the day. If you hadn't seen game 2, I snapped my wooden stick on a human during the game.

Our second game of the day would be against many familiar faces, Caughnawaga Indians. My New England Black Wolves roommate, mentor and good friend Brett Bucktooth, Bandits teammate Vaughn Harris and savvy lefty Blaze Riorden. Personally I always prefer to play people who I do not know or like but when I play friends, I want to always battle hard and give them my best. The Indians ended up winning in pretty handily fashion and will likely be battling for the ultimate trophy come weeks end. 

See the Thrilla Vision from our game here:

Two games in one day, with the accumulation of already having played two games is a great source of motivation. Its about perspective, being grateful for the opportunity and knowing that I'm prepared to battle day in and day out. I often control my mindset when it comes to these challenges, rather than let excuses creep in, I choose to let excitement and gratitude build.