LASNAI: The Goon Squad

The 2018 LaxAllStars North American Invitiational was the third year of the tournament. In both year 1 and year 2 I was apart of the Championship team. In year 3, I would have to create my own team after being cut from my previous team and not making the USA roster for being too physical. Thus the Goon Squad was born.

The Goon Squad was made up of NLL pros, Jr A MVP’s, Sr A Champions, and Can Am Lacrosse league players. Our roster was as follows:

@StephCharbs, @ZacReid19, @Thrilla96, @Suits20, @LiamPatten, @BrookerMuir, @RobKing55, @Ralphyhartz, @Lauritobandito, @brochubryce, @patsaunders14, @mburke16, @dalbridle19, @khalftown24 @lhalf32, @randogers, @kurtiskong69 @thechromerome and @ajokes10.

As you can see from the above roster we would come and be a competitive team and that was our goal! Our uniforms we designed by @TheChromeRome and executed by uncommon fit, likely the best uniforms at the entire tournament.

In game 1 of the LASNAI we took on the NOAFE team. Check out the Thrilla Vision brought to you by UHWK.

Goon Squad wins 11-1.

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