A Look back: 2016 New England Black Wolves vs Rochester Knighthawks

This flashback takes place in Mohegan Sun arena as the Rochester Knighthawks travel to the Wolf Den to take on the New England Black Wolves. There was always a certain excitement playing the Rochester Knighthawks in the Wolf Den ever since the first time the franchises met they’ve hated #96 because of this:

I guess Rochester may think it was a hostile environment or maybe that I was a bully. Either way it was always a physical game when I suit up against Rochester. Here is the flashback hope you enjoy!

As you can see it was a physical game as all NLL games are. Typically you can feel the energy building up as the game progresses and that’s what I love about playing this sport. The energy, the excitement and the environment! Every time I go back into the archives I find something new, I learn something new or I just find myself re-living the game! I’m looking forward to the 2019 season!

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