Bringing in the new year! Box Lacrosse Tournament.

On the eve of the past two new year’s, a little box lacrosse tournament takes place that has a great deal of talent. This year the Onondaga Nation New Year Tournament only hosted 6 teams battling for a spot to be the final champions of 2018. The venue is the Onondaga Nation Field House, one of the most beautiful box lacrosse arena’s in the world. The Lacrosse IQ each game is through the roof with experienced life-long lacrosse players battling it out in front of the Onondaga community. I fully intended to bring you game action from my point of view i.e. ‘Thrilla Vision’ by rocking the UHWK action camera. Here is the recap from game one, when the Onondaga Redmen took on the Caucasians.

We lost our first game but then went on to win our second. We had a very short bench which allowed me to get quite a bit of shifts and a nice workout in each game! At the start of the second game, I laid a fairly big body check that ended up breaking the UHWK camera. Unfortunately this will be the only game you guys are able to watch from my POV, but I may be headed to Las Vegas for the Battle Born Box Lacrosse Sin City Classic and will be sure to bring #ThrillaNation along for the ride!

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