A Look back: 2016 New England Black Wolves vs Buffalo Bandits

This was a particularly exciting UHWK to re watch and go through. As you likely know, last year (2017) I was released by the New England Black Wolves and given an opportunity by the Buffalo Bandits. This was my old team vs my new team, with a lot of current and former teammates on both. In 2016 a Rivalry was being formed between the NE Black Wolves and the Buffalo Bandits and its blossoming today! Check out my full UHWK Thrilla Vision here:

As you can see from the video above this was an intense game! In intense games it seems the referee’s always single out the big guy. Yeah, I’m the big guy. One of my penalties were well deserved but the other two were definitely flops and you’ll hear me explain as respectfully as I can to the referee’s.

The Buffalo Bandits play a mean, tough style of defense and matching intensity is always the goal. I’m excited to be apart of this mean/tough defense and take pride in that style of play! Excited to wear the black and orange and impose our defensive will on teams. If you cannot tell, I’m excited as training camp starts this weekend.

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