A Lookback: 2016 New England Black Wolves vs Colorado Mammoth

As we continue to wait for the PLPA and NLL to come to an agreement about the Collective Bargaining Agreement, its only fair to give the people what they want: some box lacrosse action. In this Thrilla Vision video from 2016 my old team (New England Black Wolves) traveled to the Mile High City to take on the Colorado Mammoth. Check out the UHWK vision here:

Hopefully you enjoyed the highlights. The Pepsi Center is one of the loudest, most exciting arena’s to play in. They have a huge fan base that loves to get loud and knows how to cheer. In this specific game we came out to an early lead and were feeling pretty good. A couple mistakes by the team and the Mammoth took the lead and held onto it until the end of the game.

The takeaway from games like these is to maintain your energy levels, the team that is able to trust the process, play systems and not get too high or low will often prevail. Momentum in sports plays a huge role each and every game, some games you can actually feel the energy from the crowd, the game and everything going on. If the energy is in your favor it can propel you to victory, if not, it can lead to your teams demise!

If you enjoy these UHWK Thrilla Vision flashbacks, comment and share this link with your friends. I’m glad to continue digging in the archives to provide you with some great Box Lacrosse virtual reality! Thanks for tuning it #ThrillaNation.