Did they say they want you to fight me? Goon Squad Game 5

The game for all the marbles (9th place) here at the Lax All Stars North American Invitational was Goon Squad vs Czech Republic! The Goon Squad was definitely excited to play the Czech Republic team, as we’ve heard they’re a very competitive team. We heard right as the game was certainly everything you’d expect from a 9th place battle!

Check out all the UHWK Thrilla Vision below:

Clearly I was fired up for this game! To be fair to me I did get an epic workout in right before our game so my testosterone and muscle pump was at an all time high. All joking aside, the Czech Republic team has really grown into a formidable opponent, so I knew I would have to bring my A game.

There were a couple penalties in there where I thought they were questionable calls, but when you’re tiptoeing the line on physicality that’s going to happen. I’m a firm believer that you go out there and play as physical as possible and let the referee’s tone you back. I’ve found that most referee’s will work with you, if you’re respectful and listen when they speak. I like to test the limit of how physical they will let you play, in this game I must have been tiptoeing too far. I receieved a couple early penalties, but it won’t be the last time that happens.

This was the last official game for the Goon Squad in the 2018 #LASNAI and we had a top ten finish, 9th overall! I’m certainly happy with how the team came together and am already looking forward to 2019. After this game, Scott Neiss (LASNAI co founder) asked if I would be interested in playing again, as a team was looking for some players. My big brother Kong said he would play and that made my decision easy, I’ll follow that guy into battle any day! So stay tuned for the bonus game footage and my favorite plays from LASNAI 2018!

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