Fighting, scoring goals and shocking the world

Sunday, March 3rd I traveled to Six Nations, Ontario to link up with the squad (St. Catharines Shockwave) to take on the Paris Riverwolves in Arena Lacrosse League action! I was excited to strap up the pads again and knew we would be in for a good physical game. Check out the Thrilla Vision here:

There are always certain aspects of my game I try to improve on each week - there’s a certain stigma around my style of play. Some people think I’m just a fighter, a goon, others a stone hand defender - I’ve made it a point to develop my game to be a shut down physical defender who can push transition. Coach Jim Veltman (New England Black Wolves) explained the importance of always developing my game and had some high expectations. As you know, I’m not playing for him any more but his words certainly resonated with me - I still look to make that legend proud. I scored a goal, maybe I’m finally becoming more than a goon.

It was a fun game to be apart of when the squad started to face adversity, we came together and kept working hard. Ron ‘Mouser’ Henry, our coach was adamant that if we played our game and kept working, we would come out on top and he was right. We ended up winning the game 24 to 14, although my goal wasn’t the game winner - it kind of felt like it, lol. I was pumped up to find out later that night I was named the third star of the game.

Hopefully you guys find some enjoyment from the Thrilla Vision, I’ll continue putting these together each week if you like them. Be sure to share these blog posts with your friends, when it comes to #ThrillaNation - the more the merrier!

If you have questions or comment don’t hesitate to ask, I’m here for you! Thank you for you support and I’m truly grateful to have you apart of #ThrillaNation.