'Want to drop the mitts?' Huge comeback.

“Everyone is a tough guy until its time to do what tough people do.” I’ve heard variations of this quote throughout my life and realize that if you want to be tough, you must exhibit toughness in situations where you may not rather do so. In this Arena Lacrosse League game our squad, St. Catharines Shockwave took on the Six Nations Snipers at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena in Six Nations. At one point in the third period our undefeated Shockwave team was down 7 goals, we would really have to come together and battle back. Check out the UHWK Thrilla Vision here:

The game was physical and as I mentioned came down to the wire. Throughout the game plays happen and sometimes you wish you could have one or two back, or you reflect on how you would’ve played differently. A couple questionable penalties called against me - but thankfully our squad was able to hold down the fort and kill those penalties. I’ve tried to limit penalties I take to help break the stigma of being a goon or fighter, develop my skills and be an impact player in other ways. I can tell you that sometimes when things get out of hand, I don’t mind the chaos and actually enjoy it. If a player wants to play dirty I have no qualms with asking them to drop the mitts, square up and punch each other in the face to settle our disputes. Funny thing is that most people try to get away with the dirty plays and only a select few men will actually square up, I digress.

This was a huge character win for the Shockwave and certainly a nail bitter for the fans in attendance. Down 7 goals in the 2nd half and finding a way to outscore the Snipers 7-1. I’m looking forward to our next game against the Whitby Steelhawks and the opportunity to play against #GoodSquad teammate Luke Pilcher and New England Black Wovles teammate Chad Culp. We square up next Sunday, March 17th at 4 pm in the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena.

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