ALL Game Shockwave vs Outlaws!

This is my third game in the Arena Lacrosse League playing with the St. Catharines Shockwave as we take on the Oshawa Outlaws at the Children’s Arena in Oshawa, Ontario. Oshawa is a good four hour drive from Syracuse, NY. Currently our squad the Shockwave is undefeated (8-0) it feels good to go to battle each week with guys who are hungry and want to win! Playing with these guys makes it worth the investment of time and money! As always, here is some Thrilla Vision brought to you by UHWK from our game vs Oshawa Outlaws:

I’ve added a couple goals from Offensive powerhouse Chris Attwood because he harasses me in the locker room before and after each game, asking me when he’s going to be on #ThrillaNation - ask and you shall receive! As the season progresses it’s nice to get to know my teammates better and I realize this is a great group of guys, under a great coaching staff - I’m excited to continue playing hard with the Shockwave!

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I appreciate your support and tuning in each week to see my perspective of the game! Be sure to share with friends, family and other athletes you think may enjoy living vicariously on the lacrosse field through me!