US All Stars take on the Onondaga Red Hawks

As a final tune up before departing for President's Cup in Nanaimo, BC the Onondaga Red Hawks invited USA Coach Regy Thrope to bring a team to Onondaga for an exhibition game. Regy was able to pull together some Team USA talent and local talent to field a team. The idea was to get the Team USA players more experience, while providing a solid run for Onondaga before leaving for Nanaimo Friday night.

This was an exciting time for me because I was actually cut from the Team USA rosters final 46 after my showing at the 2018 LaxCon. From what I've gathered my rough, agressive style doesn't necessarily fit what Team USA is looking for. Whether I agree or disagree with the decision, it is what it is so we accept it and move on. I've learned that people will make excuses or not take accountability in most situations, I've decided that I am 100% accountable and it has helped me continue to stay motivated.

I've also learned that most people who are friendly prior to the game or outside of the game, soon begin to not like me. My dad has also said, 'One of the best compliments you can have is to be hated by those who play you and loved by those who play with you'. I must've taken that to heart because, it seems to be a constant theme in my life from youth sports, D1 College footbal to professional lacrosse today.

Check out this video for a prime example:

We ended up winning the exhibition game. I didn't make any friends but I feel good heading to Nanaimo, BC for 2018 President's Cup!