Can Am Lacrosse Championship - Game 6

Playoff lacrosse is a true gut check. In the Can Am Lacrosse League championship the team that is mentally tougher will typically prevail, due to the 7 game series. As mentioned in the other playoff game recaps, home field advantage is huge in whatever league you play in. We knew that if we won this game we would be on our way to British Columbia for President's Cup. We would have the opportunity to win the Can Am Lacrosse League Championship in front of our fans, our community and our families. We wanted to win Game 6 in Onondaga.

This was a huge game.

Tuscarora came out to an early 2-0 lead to start the game. Onondaga soon began to answer back and took the lead and never lost it again. The final score was 12-7, Onondaga Red Hawks are the 2018 Can Am Lacrosse Champions! Each of my teammates and I are truly honored and grateful for the opportunity to represent Onondaga this season and bring home the trophy.

We will be headed to British Columbia to represent the Can Am Lacrosse League in the Sr. B President's Cup August 26-September 1st. Winner of the President's Cup is known as the best Sr. B team in the world.