Can Am Lacrosse Championship - Game 5

In Game 5 of the Can Am Lacrosse League championship Onondaga traveled to Lockport, NY to take on the Tuscarora Tomahawks. Onondaga was looking to bounce back after going 0-2 the previous weekend, losing two hard fought games to Tuscarora.

With the series on the line Onondaga came out to an early start, shooting often and playing tight defense. In most leagues its difficult to win on the road, the Can Am is no different. We knew the cards were stacked against us, but if we battled together we would prevail.

Watch the video below to see the my Thrilla Vision of the game:

Intensity rose as the game progressed, both teams knowing the importance of Game 5 in a tied 7 game series. From the footage you can see that I had good lanes, soaking at least four balls that were shot! In the moment the only thing that matters is helping your team win.

For the first time in the whole series, some of the Tuscarora team decided to shake hands after the game. Its our team mentality to shake hands and show good sportsmanship to the community, the youth and all spectators. Whether you like the other players or not, you ought to respect them for laying it on the line and playing this great game.

We won Game 5, 18-8. Onondaga now leads the series 3-2, with Game 6 taking place at the Onondaga Nation Arena, south of Syracuse, NY August 11th at 7 pm.