Kong killed a guy and I scored two goals.

This past friday reminded me of my high school football days as we traveled to Tonawanda to play at Logan Field under the lights. Friday Night Lights, it was a beautiful night for some lacrosse and I wanted to get the game in before headed north to Lake George to spend the holiday weekend. The Tonawanda Braves organization has been getting better and better each year and this is no exception. Their players play hard and they have a great community showing support. Here is the Thrilla Vision from Friday’s game:

You can’t tell from this video but fans we’re invested, getting rowdy and sending chirps my way. That’s expected anytime I travel to an opponents field, I actually have learned to enjoy it and it helps me play better. It was cool for a young Tonawanda player to come up to me when I was serving a penalty and ask if I was Bill O’Brien - then proceed to tell me he watches all of my youtube videos (you saw him in the video above). I’m grateful that young players are watching and learning. Clearly the other players have seen some of the footage, after each goal or big play they would ask -’Is that going on your facebook live?’. When people chirp me about it, I’m thankful their a fan from a far. Remember people who hate you are sometimes more invested in what you’re doing then those who just like you. Keep grinding, keep crushing it and until next time be sure to flex on em!

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