Everybody is a tough guy from the bench...

On Friday May 3rd, The Onondaga Redhawks traveled west to take on the Rochester River Monsters. The River Monsters are a fairly new team to the Can Am League but have been getting better each game. This game was no different with the River Monsters at one point closing the gap to one goal in the 3rd Period. After a solid speech from savvy vet Brett Bucktooth about playing our game and returning to fundamentals, we began to retake control and play Red Hawk Lacrosse. Check out the Thrilla Vision here:

As you saw from the title and video everyone is a tough guy from the bench. I’ve found this to be true in Lacrosse and life. Chirping someone from the bench is like leaving a facebook comment, tweet or instagram comment chirping that person thinking ‘I’m going to show them’. Everybody is a tough guy when there’s a level of protection whether its the iPhone screen or the bench. When confronted, most people realize its a lot easier to be talk smack when you’re not facing real consequences. All sorts of excuses come out, from ‘Its just a game’ to ‘its not worth it’. Some advice would be let your play do the talking if you’re ‘fake tough’ or as the kids are saying, ‘don’t want no smoke!’.

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William O'Brien