Can Am Lacrosse Championship - Game 2

In Game 2 Tuscarora travels to the Onondaga Nation Arena for the Can Am Championship. After Friday nights Game 1 Tuscarora was looking to bounce back, while Onondaga had different plans. We would be playing in front of our fans, our families and our community and wanted to show them that last night was not a fluke. In the Can Am Lacrosse league there is a definite home field advantage, we wanted to take advantage of this.

Tuscarora made the trip to Onondaga with less than a full roster, the road warriors would have to get creative to try and take a game from the Onondaga Red Hawks in their own arena. Tuscarora tried to slow the game down leaving an offensive player in Onondaga's zone and letting the teams play 4 on 4 to start Game 2. Onondaga's coach Ron Cogan made the adjustments and we were off and running, we want to play a fast game, pushing the pace and making other teams try to hang.

In a 7 game series, each hit, body check, slash and cross check adds up over time. The mental toughness needed to endure a 7 game series can be the deciding factor in Championship series. I go the extra mile to ensure my physicality is felt by the opposing players each shift and aim to match up with their best players. I can promise that later in the series you will feel the knicks and bruises, they will add up and you will begin to question going for that ground ball, setting that pick or even if you want to play. 

Onondaga came out victorious and head into Game 3 knowing that the Tuscarora team will be a desperate one. If we've learned anything from our Semi Final battle with the Allegheny Arrows, its that desperate teams are dangerous. I'll have you know the Onondaga Red Hawks haven't won the Can Am Championship in a couple years - so we too are a desperate team.

Game 3 will take place on August 4th in Lockport, NY as Onondaga travels to Tuscarora's home field.

William O'Brien