Playoff Lacrosse - Big Hits, Fights and Battles!

Well it's that time of year again, Can Am Lacrosse Playoffs. Playoffs in most sports are do or die, your team must win and continue winning or it's off to the golf course early. Teams come ready to play, intensity is at an all time high, everyone knows what's on the line. The semi final for the Can Am Lacrosse League is a 5 game series, so the games get more and more intense when playing back to back to back! This year my squad, the Onondaga Redhawks, is facing a strong Allegheny Arrows team, so as to be expected, there is no lack of intensity.

I decided to wear my UHWK camera to give you a glimpse into one of the oldest lacrosse rivalries known. My intention is to give you my view to the game. Hope you enjoy.

Game 1 was a battle. We traveled out to Allegheny Friday night for an 8:30 pm start! Here are some Thrilla Vision moments:

The very next night we would head back to Onondaga to take on Allegheny at home for Game 2. Below are the Thrilla Vision moments:

Allegheny is up in the series 2 games to none. We have an opportunity on Friday to begin fighting back and earning our way to President's Cup. The beauty about this game is that you get rewarded for the effort you put in. We're going to need to be prepared for a strong Allegheny team come friday!

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