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Kurtis 'Kong' O'Brien


Super Human Strength

Comedic One Liners

Thrives in Chaos

Known as Kong, you do not want to be on the wrong side of this man. Kong attended Hudson Valley Community College playing football and lacrosse before moving on to the University at Albany. Kong is currently playing for the Onondaga Redhawks in the CanAM Lacrosse League. Firm believer of going all-in, holds the squad record for longest water fast at 21 days and most pounds deadlifted at 655lbs (untrained). Kong has the prehistoric barbarian genetics, likely 500 years past his chronological era. Kong is thriving.


Rich 'Chrome' Bamberger


Sneaker Collector

Considers all Possibilities

Bearded Beauty

Known as Chrome Rome, do not be fooled by his mellow demeanor or World War II photo above. Rome is a nutrition savant constantly looking to consume information that will better his health and wellness. Struggling with an internal battle of his own high-expectations, Rome is never satisfied. Rome played with Kong at Hudson Valley Community College and went on to play at St. Rose College. Rome holds the squad record for most consecutive hours slept, as well as most consecutive hours without sleep. Rome also has a shoe collection that is second to none.


Nicola 'Light God' Rinaldo


Creating Light

Seeing the Future

Capturing Moments in Time

The Light God does not see as the normal human sees, but rather in rays of light. Nicola studied at Syracuse University and has followed in passion of capturing moments in time, where he honed his superhuman ability to shift rays of light with the stroke of a finger. Risk-taker and extreme sport aficionado, Nicola spends his free time full-sending it down snow covered mountains, climbing towers and breaking into abandoned buildings. Nico holds the squad goal for driving the most hours while everyone else is asleep.