Kong and I take Sin City!

Big Brother Kong and I have become Lacrosse mercenaries now, battling for squads that want a dose of the Bash Brothers on their defensive end. We traveled west to play with the Cali Bucks in the BattleBornBoxLacrosse Sin City Classic - an epic box lacrosse tournament that thrives with physicality and finesse, in the worlds’ craziest city: Las Vegas. As promised I would bring you the game action rocking my UHWK action sport camera, here is game 1:

Both Kong and I were testing out the new Wooden Lacrosse Sticks Box Pro by Justin Skaags, in game one it definitely held up to the test. We won the first game and as you can see it was a lot of fun, these games were 3 periods of 14:00 minute running time. Game 2 would only be a few hours after our first game, here is game 2:

We ended up losing this game to an experienced Alberta team who had some players from the Sr. B president’s cup playing with them.

As always it was a blast to play with my big brother Kurtis Kong! My dad and uncle Duke made the road trip from Syracuse, NY down to Las Vegas for the Tournament. My good buddy Nicola ‘The Light God’ Rinaldo, also made the trip. Our squad was knocked out of the tournament, but on the bright side we were able to see some awesome sights while in Sin City. Stay tuned as the next post will show you our trip!

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